Optical Illusion Quilts

Synvilla Optical Illusion Quilt- A flat quilt that looks three dimensional! This quilt is sewn with an easy technique using strip piecing with two colors that have great contrast. You don’t need to use black and white fabrics, other color combinations work just as well!

Komplex Synvilla Complex Optical Illusion Quilt – We create a quilt with a lot of dimension! It looks quite complicated but is sewn with strip piecing so is easier than it looks! For most effect choose three colors that have strong contrast and frame the illusion to give it more depth. Come and make your own work of art!

Optical Illusion in the round - An exciting new trend is to make quilts with optical illusions, they are made with two colors that have strong contrast. With the help of a clever ruler- a 9 degree triangle- you make two round illusions which can be appliqued onto a background or used as they are. Come and make your own optical illusion!